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PBS Accounts Payable Software


Safeguard your profits: With accurate information on vendor and supplier costs, payment due dates, available discounts, and money owed to creditors while reducing fraud with Positive Pay features.

See vendor balances at a glance: Vendor display includes contact information, terms, current balance, recent purchases, discount, payment and memo purchase amounts, as well as default GL Distribution accounts.  

Reduce fraud: Create Positive Pay records for your bank for an effective anti-fraud tool. Your bank clears only those checks you approved. Upload files detailing each check run to the bank in a batch.

Audit trails protect your operations: New payables, prepaids, adjustments, and cancellations with edit lists and journals.

On-time accurate payments improve credit: Set vendor terms and aging of accounts based on days, or on day of month.

Finish work faster: Enter, edit, and select Recurring Payables and quickly turn them into vendor invoices.



PBS Check Reconciliation Software


Reduce costly errors and omissions Automated reconciliation with Passport Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll software checkbook transactions.

Work faster without losing accuracy: General Ledger distributions from checkbook transactions such as bank charges, wire transfers, interest earned, etc. can be directly interfaced from Check Reconciliation to the General Ledger package, reducing repetitive date entry.

Reduces errors: Safeguards prevent your information from getting out of balance or tangled up during the reconciliation process. Bank to book or book to bank reconciliation.

Detailed reports protect your operations: Provides a Reconciliation Report, a Checkbook Report, and an Account Activity Report.


PBS General Ledger Software


See the "big picture" of your business for better planning:  Flexible statement formats summarize and display profits, losses, assets, liabilities, and equities for meaningful reports. Design multiple budgets and report comparing running actual totals to budgets with projections for EOY. Report actual compared to previous years or budget amounts.

Gain a broader perspective: Run Trial Balances and financial statements on data from prior, closed years. Multi-year detail available - fiscal year detail available for viewing/reporting after closing the year.

Protect your business: Special reports such as Analysis of Change in Working Capital, Statement of Financial Position, and Expanded Cash Flow empower analysis and planning. Special State and Federal Audit reports available.

Accommodates a variety of reporting needs:  Four segment account numbers allow for enterprise and department reports. Recurring journals, multi-company consolidations, automated reversing accruals.

Get distributions from auxiliary journals:  All other accounting modules generate both sides of accounting entries. Manual entries are limited to manual adjustments or entering accruals or reversing entries. Automate import of accounting entries from many third party applications.

Quick access to AP History: Passport's Navigator allows quick access to view AP Vendor History for the AP transactions for a given GL distribution.


PBS Accounts Receivable Software


Control your income: By tracking money owed by customers on screen or in reports. Handle sales commissions and manages sales tax liabilities up to 5 rates per jurisdiction, with unlimited jurisdictions. Easily identify delinquent bills and calculate finance charges.

Invoice creation and printing: For invoice generation where inventory tracking is not important, Accounts Receivable will allow invoice entry, printing and invoice history.

Enter cash receipts: All payments received may be recorded and deposit slips printed. Cash entries are distributed to General Ledger and Check Reconciliation.

Cash projection reports: Have an accurate picture of expected income for planning and budgeting.

Credit Hold and Check Hold: A credit hold or check hold can be placed on any customer to prevent additional charges or checks from being accepted by bad risk customers.

Credit Card acceptance: Optionally accept secure payment via credit card. Program integration with a respected credit card clearing house means no credit card information is ever stored on your system, so PCI-DSS compliance is not an issue.  Authorizations are validated and recorded.

Audit trails protect your operations: Invoices, cash receipts and miscellaneous items are entered, edited and posted with edit lists and journals.

Sales Commissions are easy to manage: Calculate by either booked invoices or fully paid invoices.

Keep track of the details: Generous description lines, plus an unlimited notes display for invoices.